Telemedicine: Tele-terrific or Tele-terrible?

One of the main differences between advanced hospitals for animals and humans is that the majority of veterinary referral hospitals may lack one or more of the primary “on-site” specialists and outsource the activities they would typically perform to larger scale organizations through “telemedicine.” Only the largest private practice hospitals or veterinary schools have each … Continue reading Telemedicine: Tele-terrific or Tele-terrible?

My pet has cancer… Now what?

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer in your pet is devastating. Amidst the anxiety and uncertainty, it can be difficult to process whether pursuing a consultation with a veterinary oncologist is the right choice. Knowing what to expect from your appointment with a specialist ahead of time could help alleviate a portion of your fears and … Continue reading My pet has cancer… Now what?

It’s finally here! The place for animal owners to learn about animal health issues and search for a veterinary specialist.  The American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) and the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS) have joined forces to promote specialty veterinary medicine to the animal owning public. is a premier resource to educate animal owners … Continue reading It’s finally here!

Can You Prevent Cancer in Your Pet?

Cancer prevention is certainly a “hot-button” topic in human medicine, and many of the same questions and responses surrounding this subject translate to veterinary medicine as well. The first step in preventing disease is identifying what causes it in the first place. To say a particular variable “causes” cancer would require performing an accurately designed … Continue reading Can You Prevent Cancer in Your Pet?

Quality of life over life at all costs

Humans with terminal cancers or with widespread metastases are offered treatment with the hope of an extended lifespan, despite a grim prognosis. People are routinely administered second, third, fourth, and beyond treatment plans when they fail to respond to the frontline therapies. This is done with little to no evidence-based information that would suggest such … Continue reading Quality of life over life at all costs