Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Always best to start Thanksgiving off with a 6.2 mile jog to make all the pie worthwhile! I had a great time at the Bethesda Turkey Chase!

Ocean To Sound Relay 2014

Runners are often considered “crazy” people by non-runners, as if there’s some inherent psychological deficiency associated with our compulsive need to lace up our sneakers, move our legs rapidly to the point of physical exhaustion, and simultaneously gasp for air. You call it madness, but to us it’s completely normal behavior. I like to think runners exist on a … Continue reading Ocean To Sound Relay 2014

The Great Cow Harbor 10K

When it comes to envisaging what the future may bring, our parents, peers, and even Justin Bieber teach us to “Never say never.”  We should not be so self-assured to offer up certainties about the things that we have no control over.  We cannot be certain of the blueprint we create, as chance and circumstances … Continue reading The Great Cow Harbor 10K