So you want to be a Veterinarian?

I’ve wanted to be a veterinarian from the time I was a tiny child and could comprehend what it was those amazing doctors did. I’m not unique in this capacity — many of my peers would tell you the same story. Veterinarians are lovers of animals and science, blessed with the ability to heal patients … Continue reading So you want to be a Veterinarian?

Holy responsibility, Batman!

In a previous article, I discussed how I felt advances in technology lead to unrealistic expectations of healthcare professionals being constantly accessible to clients.   The reviews of the article were mixed, with most people leaning towards understanding how emotionally taxing a life of continuously being plugged in can be, but a few individuals expressed their … Continue reading Holy responsibility, Batman!

What are the most important questions to ask your pet’s oncologist?

I spend a great deal of time asking owners questions about their pet. What did you notice about your pet’s behavior that made you bring him to the vet? When did you first notice the mass? Is she vomiting or having diarrhea? What do you know about your pet’s diagnosis? I ask questions to gain … Continue reading What are the most important questions to ask your pet’s oncologist?

Plug in, Plug out…

As I sat down to write an article for this blog on my day off from my ‘regular’ job, I paused to take stock of my immediate environment.   A cursory glance would probably lend one to assume I was incredibly relaxed. I’m dorsally recumbent on my couch, with fresh coffee just a short reach away. … Continue reading Plug in, Plug out…

What do you think about grief?

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about grief. I’m not sure if it’s associated with the particularly gloomy run of cases I’ve seen at the clinic or the personal stress and sadness I’ve recently faced, but something is pulling my emotional barometer towards focusing on the different ways people inwardly, and outwardly, express grief. I’ve … Continue reading What do you think about grief?

When you hear hoofbeats…

The Dalmatian stood hunched in the corner of the exam room, barely lifting his head high enough to scan his surroundings. His discomfort was obvious, even from a distance. I watched as he made several unsuccessful attempts to lie down. The sound of his anxious panting echoed the sound of the blood rushing in my … Continue reading When you hear hoofbeats…

Have you heard about the cancer sniffing dogs?

A curious headline popped up along my Twitter feed the other day: “Could Dogs Sniff Out Thyroid Cancer?” I read the words and paused a few seconds, contemplating taking the bait before opening the link. Convinced I would be disappointed in what I was about to read, I contemplated how a dog could be able … Continue reading Have you heard about the cancer sniffing dogs?