I’m here to make cancer less scary…

A few weeks ago I was asked to be formally interviewed as a means to introduce me to the surrounding community. NC State takes an active role in promoting recently hired faculty and as the new kid on the block, it made sense it would be my turn to spend some time describing myself and my goals to the community.

As much as I enjoy writing and and publishing posts online for the virtual world to read and examine, if I’m being honest I’d tell you, I detest having my picture taken and I really dislike talking about myself. There’s a huge disparity between publishing written information and posting pictures of my cats and really delving into the more sensitive issues on a “face to face” basis. But I recognized the goal of the assignment was far more important than my personal hang ups and agreed to sit down and talk about veterinary oncology and my choice to leave private practice and work in academia.

The goal here isn’t self-promotion – it’s to promote awareness of veterinary oncology. To let pet owners know there are specialists available who are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in companion animals. To assure them that the diagnosis of cancer doesn’t equal “there’s nothing we can do.” Pet owners should know the goals of veterinary oncology are not the same as human oncology. While the two disciplines are certainly intertwined, the approach to each case is vastly different. We promote quality of life, not life at all costs.

My wish is everyone facing a diagnosis of cancer in their pets would at least be offered the opportunity to talk to a veterinary oncologist. While a consultation doesn’t equal committing to a treatment plan, you will never be able to make the most informed decision unless you are presented with all the facts.

And the best person to help you make that decision is a veterinary oncologist.

Read all about my new job at NC State College of Veterinary Medicine and veterinary oncology by clicking here

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