I am supremely excited!

One of my articles was selected to be published on kevinmd.com! This is a website created and founded by Dr. Kevin Pho, a human internist and health care social medial leader.

I’ve been a follower of the site for many months now, and thought maybe, just maybe, I could throw my hat into the ring and submit an article and see if they would consider publishing it. All of the articles are centered on human medicine, so I figured it was a complete and literal shot in the dark.

Imagine my surprise when Dr. Pho contacted me to let me know he selected my article to be posted on the site!

The Darker Side of Medicine was a popular post on my blog, which is obviously only a teeny tiny blip on the stratosphere of social media. The fact that a website dedicated to human medicine would consider including a piece written by a veterinarian is quite an honor. The idea that what I write about could be interesting to that broad of an audience is even more fascinating to me.

Here is the link to the article: The Darker Side of Being a Doctor on kevinmd.com


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