Do you love your vet?

This is a tough time to be a vet.

In September 2014, Dr. Sophia Yin, a vibrant, compassionate, world-renowned veterinarian and veterinary behaviorist, committed suicide at the age of 48. Her death shocked the veterinary community. A remarkable outpouring from within the veterinary profession soon followed to raise awareness of depression, compassion fatigue, and suicide prevention.

In March 2015, two veterinary students (one at U.C. Davis and one at Michigan State University) died suddenly within the same week. The loss of these bright and talented individuals far too early in their career paths was the next significant loss experienced among our peers.

In early April 2015, we dealt with the backlash of criticism surrounding a veterinarian in Texas who bragged on social media about successfully killing a cat by shooting it with a bow and arrow. Fortunately, most people recognized that the thoughtless, selfish, and reprehensible actions of a single doctor do not reflect the spirit of an entire profession. Not everyone felt this way, unfortunately, and many saw it as an opportunity to express their contempt for the veterinary profession.

Soon after, an article was published in the Washington Post entitled “Vets are too expensive, and it’s putting pets at risk.” The writer suggested that doctors take advantage of the emotional aspect of pet care by “jacking up prices” and not offering payment plans, ending with the snarky sentence, “veterinarians shouldn’t take advantage of our devotion to enhance their bottom lines.”

A few days ago, I received a copy of DVM360 magazine, a source of current events, news, and product information related to veterinary medicine. A quick glance at the table of contents revealed negative titles such as:

The burden of care: Know the risks to your mental health
The current state of veterinary job satisfaction
Burnout, compassion fatigue, depression – What’s the difference?
Tips and tools to be a happier veterinarian
3 reasons to start your exit plan today
Internships: A new tax on veterinarians?

And on the morning of writing this article, I happened to randomly respond to a thread on my community’s Facebook page regarding a dog owner inquiring about suggested solutions for dry skin. I read reply after reply of various home remedies, ranging from swearing by switching to a grain-free, gluten-free diet to bathing the dog in Dawn dishwashing soap. I felt compelled to offer a professional opinion.
I simply suggested that the original poster contact their veterinarian, or better yet, consider speaking with a veterinary dermatologist, as they would better be able to discern the cause of the itchy skin, rather than treat just the symptom. My response was rapidly overshadowed by a suggestion to use coconut oil as a cure-all. Granted, I didn’t post my answer as a veterinarian, but I truly don’t think it would have made any difference in how quickly my reply was dismissed.

In the midst of all these negative posts, articles, and news snippets, I came across a blog entry written by a veterinarian entitled, “Does anyone out there love their vet?”

The author described each of the same stories I’ve written about above, and how they impacted her specifically with regard to her professional morale. I immediately connected with her message. She ended the piece by asking for a very humble task from those who believe in veterinarians and veterinary medicine.

She simply asked her readers to tell her that they loved their vet.

Her goal was simple: to eradicate disapproval and hate by having people show an outpouring of support and love and appreciation for those veterinarians they are happy with. The responses to her request were overwhelmingly positive.

In the end, my job isn’t about arguing about prices and it’s not about focusing on the sadness. It’s about the moments where I know I’ve made a difference in my patients’ lives.
It’s about knowing I’ve helped so many pets live longer and happier lives because of my capabilities.

During this tough time in our profession, I hope my colleagues will find the time to think of the owners who are truly appreciative of their work and try to lessen their focus on those who don’t.

I want them to think of their successes, and I want to remind them to remember that despite our most valiant efforts, we simply cannot help every patient we see.

And I want to emphasize that sometimes it’s okay to turn off the media channels when they are telling you that you’re doing anything less than your best.

Our jobs are tough enough as it is. We don’t need to make it tougher by being anything less than gentle on ourselves.
Tell me? What do you love about your vet? Leave a positive message for us and continue the original poster’s message. You might be surprised to know how much it means to us!

45 thoughts on “Do you love your vet?

    • robyn dennis says:

      I love my vet. So caring and capable. They helped me know when my Coco needed me to let go and let her go. They kept her so well and were so appreciative of seeing a well kept dog (we are rural and lots of dogs are kept outside in rough conditions). Pet ownership is not for the faint of heart and my vet helped me through every step of the process! I love my vet.


    • Susan Moore says:

      I love my vet and the amazing staff at Kryder Veterinary Clinic😍😻🐾They go above and beyond to take care of my kids!😍


  1. Stacie Kondik says:

    As a former ER vet tech for 11 years, it was very important for me to find a vet that would listen to me. We moved across the country and knew no one.
    I found Dr. McMonigle and have never looked back. They treat me as a person, and respect my opinion and thoughts. I LOVE my vet.


    • Barn says:

      I love my vet and his staff. Dr. Paul Sculley is the best many hours he has spent with me and my pets . He always has time to go over things with me and trying to find ways to help him in his illness. He wants the best for my pet and it shows each and every time I call or come in. Also he respects my thoughts on certain things. Dr. Paul Sculley in Hannibal Missouri is the best?


  2. Kara says:

    There are several vets that are at the veterinary clinic that both of my dogs have been going to for years. I love them all. They are thorough, they listen, I never feel rushed even though I know their time is valuable. They kneel down and let my hyper pit mix put her paws on their shoulders and kiss their faces the entire time we are discussing any health issues. Their vet techs are enthusiastic and clearly relay prescription instructions to me and constantly ask if I have any questions. Amazing bedside manners! Our dogs are our children (really, we don’t want human kids) and they understand that. Thank you for everything you do!


  3. Vicki says:

    Dr. Pat and her daughter, Dr. Kelly are knowledgeable, compassionate, and professional…no matter the circumstances. The are darned great doctors! I love my vet!


  4. Lee says:

    Dr Killgalin and Dr Bends are an integral part of our family. They are always there for my furry family and myself, during the good times and during the sad. I like the fact that they listen to me, and take into account my observations of my dogs and cats, in addition to what the test results are indicating. Thank You Dr Killgalin and Dr. Bends.


  5. Muriel says:

    I love my vet because he treats me as a partner in the care of my dogs. He listens to my thoughts on their symptoms & answers my questions about treatment & care. He acknowledges that, as their primary carer, I know my dogs better than anyone else. He helps me to be the best advocate possible for my dogs. Most importantly, he has been there with sensitivity & compassion when it’s been time to help them take their final journey.


  6. Kelly says:

    I want to acknowledge my vet at Nebel Street Animal Hospital in Rockville, MD. I love Dr. Hambright because he is thorough, patient, smart, responsive, empathetic and wonderful with my dogs. His associates, Dr. Fromberg and Dr. Foster, have been equally as wonderful when we have seen them. Unfortunately, we had to euthanize our Gigi at home two weeks ago, and Dr. foster did it for us and we were overwhelmed by her kindness, gentleness, empathy and how humane the entire experience was. She could not have done a better job for such a horrible experience. She made it easier for us.

    I wish I could use them for my own doctors! Thank you for always being there for us!


  7. Michelle says:

    I love all the vets that have taken care of my furry loved ones over the years. I may not remember all their names because I moved so much in my younger years but I do remember the amazing care they have given. Of course some stand out more than others because they took care of my furry loved ones in times of crisis and they will forever hold a special place in my heart for that. I am thankful everyday for the amazing people who have chosen to be a vet as their career.


  8. Helen Roesch says:

    I am 80 years young and have had pets all my life and housed a whole lot of them when my friend and I started two Humane Societys. We had Vets that gave us their help Pro Bono for years bexcause they wanted our efforts to be successful. And they were, because of them there are two more Humane Societys in IL.where they were very much


  9. Anne Clapper says:

    I am a veterinarian myself, and I want to say that I love all of the vets that have helped me get to where I am today. My boss, Dr. Amberle Wright, is not only patient and caring, she is compassionate and excited everyday that she has these amazing capabilities to help not only the animals but their owners who love them so much.


  10. Natasha says:

    Oh BOY do I love my vets! My horse vet, my dog and cat vet, my bird vet, my emergency vet. Love you all and keep on keeping on!


  11. Cheryl Hong says:

    Love mine so much that I named my child after her. The compassion and devotion (day or night) that she shows my fur babies is second to none , and I don’t know what I would do without her! You rock, Erin Wilson!


  12. Brenda Klingler says:

    I love my vet!! Dr. Ann Clapper has been a lifesaver for me and my dog. She is always there for us and so patient with me. She is constantly trying to find new ways to help my dog with his medical conditions and she tries so hard to make the visits less stressful for him. I don’t know what I would do without her.


  13. Jody O'Brien says:

    We had make the difficult decision to euthanize one of our dogs just before Christmas. It was easily the most difficult experience I’ve had to endure and the compassion and understanding that our vet displayed in guiding us through the process was above and beyond anything I could have hoped for. And after our boy was gone she stayed with the three of us in the room until we felt that we were ready to leave and it was as if there was no where else in the world for her to be. We absolutely love our vet and will continue to take our dogs to her for as long as she continues to practice.


  14. Susan Moore says:

    I Love my vet and the amazing staff at Kryder Vet clinic! They go above and beyond to take care of my kids🐾🐾😻😍


  15. siandart says:

    My vet provides great service and advice, and is willing to work with us around things like ‘not having to bring the cat in to pick up refills on scripts’ and – despite signs to the contrary – has never had an issue with our cats being brought in on harnesses, not in boxes (the boxes would stress them out!). ❤


  16. Evelyn Reynolds says:

    My husband and I love Santa Rosa Veterinary Hospital in Santa Rosa, California! We have taken all our pets there over the past 25+ years. First with Dr. Blumberg, now semi-retired, and Dr. Krome, and their staff, they provide the best care!!


  17. JeS says:

    Our vet is awesome. Compassionate and patient care for our rather excitable young rescue is important to us. He listens and provides exemplary service. WE love our vet!


  18. E says:

    I love my Vet, she is the most caring, honest and knowledgable Dr. I know… I would never trust my pets with anyone but her!!


  19. Jen says:

    After reading I felt compelled to reply, I love my vets, as an animal health technologist they are my vet my co-workers and my friends they do their job because nothing feels better to them than helping animals. They treat each patient like their own. These are the majority of veterinarians. I love my vets and feel lucky to work with amazing people everyday!


  20. Chandra says:

    I love my vet and having multiple parrots, helping with rescue, I see her often, sometimes up to three times a month. Worth every cent. She also cares for the owners and tries to help them find balance. Just a wonderful, wonderful avian vet and her staff are absolutely fantastic as well.


  21. Tiffany says:

    I love my vet because she cares about my pets. She researches health issues known to their breed, and when one of them became chronically ill she spent her time off work researching options. I trust her completely with their care.


  22. Bambi Elyse Best says:

    My vet was very instrumental into the viability of my guinea pig’s life, by giving him what he needed. And when his medical problems and special needs compromised his walking and moving, and caused terrible seizures, they gave him the most kindest and peaceful ending. The doctor is stationed at Porter Square Vet in Somerville, Massachusetts. Thank you, to all vets, for what they do for our fur babies.


  23. Helen says:

    Yes, I love all my vets. From my brother, Dr. Dan Good, DMV, who committed suicide at age 45, despite being well loved by fur babies and their parents, to our hospice vet Dr. Kim Kane in Las Cruces, who assisted us in letting go of our loved Teddi in our own living room. Amazing vets care for our current Border Collie mix at Calistas Vet clinic in Las Cruces. What a dedicated and amazing profession!


  24. Lori says:

    My vet is the greatest!! Actually the staff and other vets at Marda loop vet clinic in calgary, alberta have always gone over and way beyond expectations regarding the care of my pets. They have always worked and strived for the best outcome while trying to fit your budget. Hopefully all pet owners as well as the media realize that most vet practices do an awful lot of work behind the scenes for rescue agencies, humane society, and other agencies that they never get acknowledged for. Next time you think it’s a scam or your getting ripped off by a vet ask yourself if you would feel the same way if it was a child or any other human that needed treatment??


  25. Amanda says:

    I love my vet for diagnosing my cat’s hyperthyroidism before I even noticed any symptoms. By the time he started wasting away, he was already scheduled to receive radioiodine treatment.

    I love my vet for squeezing us in at the end of the day when I came home from work and found my cat gagging and drooling. It turned out that he was fine. Maybe he just ate something that didn’t agree with him. She still made time for him.

    Mostly, I just love my vet (and her staff) for treating every patient like he/she is special and important. She takes me seriously and she takes my pets seriously too.


  26. Barbara Bartholomew says:

    I have two different vets I use and love them both. WHY? Because they are “down to earth”, they listen to me, they don’t “head for the most expensive” treatment first and because they KNOW MY BREED inside and out.


  27. AareneX says:

    We absolutely love our vet. Good medicine practiced by knowlegable professional–that’s worth every penny. I recommend my vet’s services to all my family and friends.


  28. Paul A. Dire says:

    I totally trust,and admire my Vets. Their total concern, and attention to my pets is so appreciated!!! I have never once felt there was anything other than my pets well being when at a visit to the clinic. Vets have only one thing on their mind,and thats caring for your animal. If you can not properly care for your animals do not get one!!!!! research before getting a pet!!!!! there is normal care,and sometimes emergencies that one will need to be aware of. you can’t walk into a Doctors office with children, and get a payment plan!!!!!! they do offer pet insurance. do your research!!!!! do not blame Vets!!!!!!!!!!


  29. Bill H. says:

    Vets are needed all the time. Like any profession there are some who do not do a good job and it reflects poorly on the vast majority who do a great job on taking care of people’s pets, farm animals, etc.
    The cost generally seems high but when you look at their cost of education and then the overhead of a facility and supplies you need to realize it’s no more than what any service business charges for what they do. They have as much right to earning a good living as other business professions do.
    They also often have special days where fees are less.
    One of the major problems are the people who get pets and find out they can’t afford their basic maintenance, then when the animal has a major problem they go to a vet and complain about the cost of taking care of the animal.
    They shouldn’t have them in the first place.


  30. Erika Vazquez says:

    I did see the news about the vet here in texas that shot that poor cat with a bow and arrow. And I completely felt horror and I applauded when she was fired. I don’t know if she deserves to have her license taken away or not, but I know I would not want her as my vet.
    That being said, I didn’t condemn an entire profession. I think no one with half a brain would. There are bad people everywhere, and unfortunately most of the news going around is bad news, so we don’t get to read the good stuff quite as often.

    I personally LOVE my vets. They have shown to be innovating, caring, patient with me and my feathered and furry kids.
    I do have gripes with the cost of medications, wellness exams and overall prices. I do think we need to start having proper pet insurance (not the absurd ones we have now) or financing plans for when out pets need something expensive done.


  31. Cassandra says:

    I have worked in a vet clinic for the past 2 years as a vet tech assistant. I see the ups and downs that they deal with and I absolutely love every single vet I work with. There are some who are on vacation overseas calling to see how their patients and clients are doing. They take their job seriously and I fully trust them with my own pets. I love and respect all of the vets I have come to know personally.


  32. Adam J says:

    I am happy with my vet she is very supportive in Chewys health and as well help me pay for services needed by setting up a payment plan with them.


  33. Katie's Place Animal Shelter says:

    We are a last-chance animal shelter and we LOVE our vets! They are skilled and compassionate and we simply could not do what we do without them. They have been our partners throughtout our 14 year (so far) journey and they have enriched the lives of each and every single on of the thousands and thousands of special needs animals who found their way to us. Maple Ridge Veterinary Hospital and East Ridge Animal Hospital… we LOVE you!!!


  34. lamor gatenio says:

    My vets and techs are a godsend. I couldn’t keep my fur family.healthy and happy without them. Its never about money, its about good medicine with a Caring touch.


  35. Falon Olfsen says:

    Love my vet Dr Lowry from Hillcrest, KZN South Africa, been a wonderful doctor to my family of many furry pets. He has also encouraged and assisted me in studying veterinary myself! Many thanks to him…


  36. Terri Larson says:

    We love our Vet, Dr.Eric at Orchards Veterinary Clinic…He has given our last 3 puppies the best care & when it was time to let go, he was there for us & our babies..We can’t say enough good about Dr. Eric & his office..


  37. Robin Duke says:

    I love my vet for her compassion, decision making, advice and Encouragement. She is funny witty and kind. I don’t know what would do without her.


  38. EpiApril says:

    I love all the vets I’ve ever had, especially Dr. Blaine Connor at the Chestnut Hill Cat Clinic in Philadelphia. He took care of both of my cats until they died at 22 and 16. Now I’m lucky to live near Penn, in the heart of great vet medicine, where my baby black kitty princess Loviefluffy will get the best possible care as long as she lives!


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