It’s a girl!!! And a boy!!!

IMG_1255We welcomed two kittens to our household this holiday season!

On the top of the picture is Prunewich, named after the famous delicious breakfast sandwich at the Fractured Prune donut shop in Ocean City, MD.





Yummmmmm – cheese, egg, and meat inside a (gasp!) donut….



She’s a tiny, but sassy tortoiseshell who’s already completely attached to her mom.


On the bottom of the picture is Crabcake, whose namesake is obvious.  Well, I’m hoping it’s obvious considering we’re talking about a REAL crab cake from Maryland, not the fake stuff you find everywhere else…


The real deal straight from MD.













A sad excuse…

He’s a short-haired bi-color (almost tuxedo but looks more Holstein…) boy with ceaseless energy and a penchant for climbing my legs.


We’re obviously dealing with our homesickness for Maryland in the best way two veterinarians know how to!

Maybe one of these are in our near future????


Chesapeake Bay Retrievers – the official state dog of Maryland!









I really am the luckiest crazy cat lady in the world!



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