Kitty City!

My husband and I just returned from a belated honeymoon in Europe.  While in Rome, I was told I needed to visit “Kitty City”, a feral cat shelter located amongst the ruins of the ancient city.  While I am a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady, I filed the piece of information away, but didn’t officially add it to our itinerary.  However, while strolling the streets one afternoon, we stumbled upon the Torre Argentina, where the cats sleep, frolic, eat, and poop amongst some of the oldest temples in Rome.  Fortunately, my husband knew better than to argue with me, and indulged my need to scratch a few furry felines.  The shelter was extremely clean and the staff was so helpful and enthusiastic about their volunteer work.  They take in older, “disabled” cats and rehabilitate them and re-socialize them so they can be adopted.  You also have the option of adopting cats from “afar” – meaning you can pay their adoption fee, but they will get to live their lives out at the shelter (or I suppose until someone else decides to adopt them.)  I was quite impressed with their efforts and really enjoyed spending some time learning about the shelter and their efforts.

Here is the website for the shelter:


And for those of you not fluent in Italiano

IMG_9699 IMG_9701 IMG_9700


IMG_9702 IMG_9704 IMG_9713




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