I’m an assistant professor of medical oncology at North Carolina State University and Certified Veterinary Journalist.
I’m here to share information about veterinary oncology and dispel myths about cancer care for pets!american society of veterinary journalists logo RGB


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  1. Ed Durham says:

    Doctor Intile, I am intrigued by the idea of Veterinary Journalists. I am a credentialed veterinary technician with a veterinary technician specialist certification in cardiology. It is extremely likely that we have walked past each other at least once while attending the ACVIM conference. We probably even know many of the same people. I was at the University of Missouri VMTH for 18 years in cardiology, and now am at Ross University in anesthesia. I also am an avid author, with a text book published by Wiley due out in 2017, and many review articles to my credit for veterinary technicians. I’d be extremely interested in learning more about becoming a certified veterinary journalist. I would be honored if you might contact me and share some information. Lastly, as a native Louisianan, I would like to share that I too think everything taste better with a bit of Old Bay!


    • jintiledvm says:

      Hi – thanks for your inquiry. You certainly sound accomplished and I’d definitely recommend checking out http://asvj.org for more information on becoming credentialed by the society for veterinary journalists. It was a bit of a process and I found I had to be my own advocate for things at times, but worth it thus far. I believe the association has great potential!


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