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updated 1/1/18

Nothing imparts as much anxiety for a pet owner as a diagnosis of cancer.  My role is to help owners sort through the fear, to dispel the misconceptions about veterinary cancer care, and to provide owners with options for treating their pet’s disease.

I grew up on Long Island, New York and received my bachelor and masters degrees from Hofstra University, and my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Cornell University.  I am currently an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medical Oncology at the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

After completing my residency, I worked in private practice referral hospitals upstate New York and Maryland. Though living outside of the great state of New York presented its challenges, I learned to appreciate the finer aspects of life including putting Old Bay on everything and cheering for the consistently disappointing, yet ever entertaining, Redskins.

Go Redskins!

Go Redskins!

My husband (a veterinary surgeon) and I moved back to Long Island in 2014 to be closer to friends and family.  As quickly as we began this new chapter of our lives – saving animals, updating our home, running with new friends, and reacquainting ourselves with all New York had to offer – an opportunity arose for me to pursue my long-held passion of teaching veterinary students, interns, and residents.

In early 2016, I accepted a position working at the teaching hospital at NC State and am currently navigating how to be successful in my new role as a teacher, mentor, and role model to those who aspire to achieve the same goals I once held so dear.



I live in a constant struggle between satisfying the scientific and creative portions of my brain.


My professional interests include developing novel rescue chemotherapy protocols for canine lymphoma, hospice care/palliative options for cancer patients, and exploring the emotional aspects of veterinary medicine on veterinary caregivers and their owners.

Lovely day for a race on the beach 2014

We love saving lives, running, and having a beer on the beach!

 I am also an aspiring writer – you can learn a great deal about veterinary oncology by reading this blog as well as my articles on ( and by following me on social media:

Twitter: @JIntile


Instagram: @drjintile

I’m also available for technical and creative writing assignments as well as guest blogging projects.

 In my free time, I am an avid runner, a part-time tennis player, and an amateur wine taster.


Crossing the finish line of the Rockville 10K

I live and love and constantly think and whether you’re anything like me, or nothing like me, I hope you find this site informative and intriguing

Oh… And I help pets with cancer live longer, healthier, and happier lives!


Asheville 1/2 marathon 2014: combining a love for running with a love of wine!

Marine Corps Marathon 2013

Marine Corps Marathon 2013

Finisher at the Ocean City 1/2 Marathon Spring 2014

Ocean City 1/2 Marathon 2014


Moriches Bay Running Club – Summer 2016











St. Paddy’s Day 8K 2017


Keep Raleigh Independent 4 Miler 2017






One thought on “All about me!

  1. Mari Difede says:

    Love your Blog, Dr. Intile. You are a wonderful and caring Doctor, and Long Island is lucky to have you back! Thank you for all you have done for our Kitty. Despite a dire diagnosis 3 years ago, with your help, she is still with us and enjoying life.
    Maria Difede


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